Sunday, 13 February 2011

Friar Gate Bridge - Long Exposure night time photograph of this structure.

Back in October 2010 when it was announced that the bridge was going to be covered in netting I made a point of going out to take lots of photographs of Friar Gate Bridge before the look of it was ruined forever.
Some of the photographs I took were at night using a long exposure time to capture the light trails of cars driving under the bridge.

Here is one such photograph, I took this photograph using my old Olympus C5050Z set to full manual control. The exposure time is 0.77s I did a quick rough and ready clean up and selective desaturation of the view to create something which I liked the look of.

I have a better version of this in which I spent a lot of time cleaning up the bridge, which I turned into a nice looking large framed print for Christmas.

If you like my photograph then please leave some comments to this post and the reasons why you like it.

Friar Gate Bridge at night by Andy Savage.

Friar Gate Bridge at night with Light Trails from car headlights.

Hope you like my unusual photograph of one of Derby's most iconic Victorian structures.

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