Saturday 24 September 2011

My world map showing all the locations of items made by Andrew Handyside & Company of Derby and London.

I started this mapping project about a year ago with the odd item I knew about but over the months I kept finding more and more items by Andrew Handyside around the world. In February 2011 I decided to create this dedicated blog to the work of Andrew Handyside, this allowed me to go into great details about each item and link it to my world map.

Each marker on my map indicates an item that was manufactured in Derby at the Britannia Ironworks by Andrew Handyside & Co, I have also included any items marked as Derby Castings Limited as these were also made at the same foundry.

I have used different coloured markers for different items as follows.
Yellow = Bridges
Purple = Railway Stations/Roofs/Buildings.
Blue = Fountains/Vases/Urns
Red = Pillar Boxes/Post Boxes/Wall Boxes
Red Triangle = Location of item no longer present (demolished).

Down the left side of the map you will see all the markers, you can scroll this list down and simply click on an item to make the map highlight the location. A pop up window will show when you do this giving more information on the item.

or you can simple drap the map around and use the mouse wheel to zoom in on places and then click on a marker to learn more.

See my Andrew Handyside world map here, Just click the link below :

World map of items manufactured by Andrew Handyside & Co.
Map showing items made by Andrew Handyside & Co, Zoomed in over the U.K.

I hope you found my map of interest. If you know of anything out there around the world made by Andrew Handyside that I have not yet mapped out here then please get in touch so I can add it to my map.


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