Tuesday 16 August 2011

Roof of former St Enoch Railway Station, Glasgow, Scotland, UK Built by Andrew Handyside in 1876 (now Demolished).

NOTE : This no longer exists! It was completely demolished in 1977. A real shame.

Did you know that Andrew Handyside who made Friar Gate bridge in Derby also made the Structural steelwork and cast-ironwork for many Railway Stations around the world and they were made right here in Derby at the Britannia Ironworks. Some of their railway stations are still in use today while others have been converted into buildings for a different function.
Unfortunately this station was one of many that was demolished but luckily there are photographs that we can look at to see what it was like. The station was built for the city of glasgow Union Railway.

The roof of the former St Enoch Railway Station was made in Derby by Andrew Handyside. The main roof had a span of 205ft [62.5m] and a length of 525ft [160.1m], and is of wrought iron, covering six platforms.
The arch-ribs bare the date 1877and makers stamps "Andrew Handyside & Co. Ltd. of Derby and London"
The roof over the southern extension 1901 was of similar but smaller arched form, being 293 ft 7 ins (89.48m) long, 65 ft (19.81m) high, and having an internal clear span of 143 ft (43.6m)

St Enoch Station was Glasgow's equivalent to London' St Pancras railway station (Which was built by The Butterley Company in 1867, also a Derbyshire company).
In 1880 St Enoch Railway Station was Scotland's premier passenger terminal!

St Enoch station closed in June 1966. It was convered into a car park for many years and eventually demolished in the 1977

This whole area was cleared in the late 1970s and a shopping centre was built on this land in the late 1980s.
The St Enoch Shopping Centre was officially opened in 1989 and redeveloped in 2009.
St Enoch Shopping Centre website : www.st-enoch.co.uk

Photographs of the former St Enoch Railway Station.
1) Nice view from above showing the two large roof structures built by Andrew Handyside.
Early 60s
Photograph by Hollowhorn.

2) A view inside of the roof in 1973 when it was used as a car park.
St Enoch Station roof 1973
Photograph by Gordon Haws.

3) Another view of the Handyside roof structure when the station as used as a car park.
St Enoch Station canopy 1973
Photograph by Gordon Haws.

4) Amazing photo from 1936 of a steam with the Handyside roof in the background.
c.06/1936 - Glasgow Saint Enoch.
Photograph by 53A Models.

More photographs :
North Train Shed Plaque "Andrew Handyside 1877".

Looking out from the station on the last day  of operation, June 26th 1966.

Looking at the main roof from the central platform in June 1966.

Lots of photographs of the former station.

A Video:
See the roof of the former station in this old video footage:
St Enoch Railway Station

Map Location:
View my Andrew Handyside World Map to see the exact location of this railway station on my world map.
My world map is the result of hundreds of hours of research into the company, plotting out each item as I find it.
Here is a Google Streetview of St Enoch Shopping Centre which was built on the land of the former St Enoch Railway Station.

Can you help find more Andrew Handyside stuff ?
If anyone out there knows of any other railway stations around the world bearing the Handyside badge that I have not mentioned yet then please get in touch with details, location, photographs etc.


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