Thursday 10 February 2011

Friar Gate Bridge and Andrew Handyside.

Welcome to my first ever blog post on the Friar Gate Bridge Blog. 
I decided to create this dedicated blog to compliment my Friar Gate Bridge feature on, This will enable me to get content online quickly that relates to this bridge. I may still post some Friar Gate bridge items on my main blog but the blog here is entirely dedicated to the bridge and Andrew Handyside.

If you live in Derby then, I am sure you are aware that the bridge is in a very poor state at the moment. 
In December 2010 the council had to cover the bridge in a protective netting to contain any possible bits of falling iron work from the rotting structure.

In summer 2010 I started researching the manufacturer of the bridge and have unearthed so much interesting information that I will be publishing on here in time. I have invested many hundreds of hours of my spare time into cataloguing and documenting as much information as possible.

Hopefully once I have collated all the information it will make the people of Derby realise just how important this bridge is and also how important the Company Andrew Handyside Ltd was to not only the City of Derby but the World !!
You will end up very proud of this man and all he has achieved.

Keep your eye on this blog to see how it develops, why not follow me.


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