Tuesday 22 February 2011

Nottingham Railway Station structure built by Andrew Handyside in 1903

Did you know that Andrew Handyside who made Friar Gate bridge also made the Structural steelwork and cast-ironwork for many Railway Stations around the world and they were made right here in Derby at the Duke Street Foundry "Britannia Iron Works". Some of their railway stations are still in use today while others have been converted into buildings for a different function.

One of the best examples of their work near to Derby is Nottingham Railway Station, Next time you use this station have a look for the Handyside badges which you will find at the bottom of every roof support column in this station. Its hard to avoid seeing the Handyside logo as they are everywhere.

Nottingham Railway Station was built 1903-1904 by AE Lambert for the Midland Railway Company. Structural steelwork and cast-ironwork was supplied by Andrew Handyside & Company and some ironwork also by The Phoenix Foundry (see their logo on the staircase iron work)
This station is absolutely plastered in Handyside badges!, there are about four rows of 23 roof support columns and each of those has two Handyside badges on them so that's 184 Handyside badges.
My Photograph of Nottingham Railway Station showing the Handyside roof and support columns.
This view is of the railway line nearest to Station Street.
Nottingham Station

Photograph of a Handyside badge at the bottom of one the roof supports :
Nottingham ironwork 2
Photograph by Ben Coulson.


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