Saturday 10 September 2011

My Andrew Handyside research mentioned in the Argentinian newspaper La Gaceta.

Last weekend an article was printed in the Argentinian newspaper "La Gaceta". La Gaceta is a daily newspaper (established in 1912) with a circulation of 46,000 copies. The article relates to two fountains in Tucuman, Argentina that were made by Andrew Handyside. I have blogged about these fountains.

The article in written in Spanish but I have provided a link to an English translated version. Also in case the article is taken off line eventually I have also provided screen grabs of the article in Spanish and English.

Web Links:
The article on the La Gaceta web site in Spanish.
The article on the La Gaceta web site translated into English. (loses a bit in translation!)

Or if the online article no longer exisits then use these images below.
Screen Grabs:
Just click the image to enlarge it then click again to maximise it to fill the screen so you can read it.

1) English Translated version

2) Spanish version


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