Tuesday 7 June 2011

Holgate Road bridge in York built in Derby by Handyside in 1911.

The Derby firm Andrew Handyside who made Friar Gate bridge in Derby also made many hundreds of other bridges of many different sizes around the world such as this road bridge in York, UK which is still in use today.

This road bridge, south west of York Railway station carries Holgate Road (A59) over the railway tracks.
At the western entrace to this bridge stands St Paul's church.
This bridge was renovated in 2007, when strengthening work was carried out on the underside of the bridge which is why it looks in pretty good condition for a hundred year old structure.
Using Google Streetview it would appear that this bridge has two Handyside badges on it, located at the far ends of the bridge.

Photographs of this bridge

Photograph of the Handyside badge on this bridge:
Bridge over railway
Photograph taken by Ian Stubbs.

Photograph of the bridge from a pedestrians point of view.
Photograph taken by Carl Spencer.

Photograph of this bridge from a pedestrians point of view on the other side.

Photograph taken by Carl Spencer.

Photograph of nice light and shadows on the bridge.
Holgate bridge
Photograph taken by Ivana Thng.

Photograph of Steam train "Green Arrow" passing under this bridge in 1979.
Green Arrow Leaves York
Photograph by Don Tate.

Notice how the makers badge on this bridge does not say "Andrew Handyside", it just says Handyside. This is because the original company of Andrew Handyside went into liquidation in 1910, a new company using the original foundry and name was set up to continue making bridges. This re-use of the Handyside brand happened a few more times.

Map Location:
View my Andrew Handyside World Map to see the exact location of this bridge on the world map.
My world map is the result of hundreds of hours of research into the company, plotting out each item as I find it.

Google Streetview of this bridge. Take a look around the entire structure!

Can you help find more Andrew Handyside stuff ?
If anyone out there knows of any other bridges around the world bearing the Handyside badge that I have not mentioned yet then please get in touch with details, location, photographs etc.


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