Thursday 16 June 2011

You can now search for items made by Andrew Handyside & Co Ltd.

My Andrew Handyside blog is starting to get quite large now due to the amount of items I am finding around the world. Because of the blog people are starting to get in touch because they have an item in their city with a "A. Handyside" makers badge on it.

I have now added a "Search this blog" widget to my blog. This is on the right side near the top of every blog post. This will allow you to search all of my posts for something.
In addition to this I have now started a page which lists all of the items which I have posted about so far.
Posts list of items made by Andrew Handyside.
Hopefully this will allow you to find any item you are looking for.

I have a few recent finds to blog about very soon such as...
Two fountains in Norway
An old railway station in Durban, South Africa.
Tucuman Railway Station in Argentina.
Santiago Del Estero railway station in Argentina.
Windsor railway station.
Vase in Ilkeston.

I am struggling to find a photographer in Tampico, Mexico who can speak English. Anyone out there know of someone in Tampico? The entire square has lots of ironwork by Handyside!


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