Saturday 25 February 2012

Chapelfield Road and Union Street viaducts for Manchester Piccadilly railway line built by Andrew Handyside around 1840.

The Derby firm Andrew Handyside who made Friar Gate bridge in Derby also made many hundreds of other bridges of many different sizes around the world. Here in my dedicated blog to this company I am detailing every item I can find manufactured by them.
In Manchester there are many viaducts that cross roads leading into Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station. Some of these viaducts have the plaque "A. HANDYSIDE & Co Ld Derby & London".
Thanks to Google Streetview its possible to wander around these viaducts to inspect them for Handyside plaques.
I have managed to find two that still have the plaques. These are over Chapelfield Road and Union Street. I dare say some of the other viaducts into this station may well have been made by Handyside but the badges have fallen off.

Manchester Piccadilly (Manchester London Road until 1960) is the principal railway station in Manchester,
The station opened on 8 May 1842 as Store Street station and as Bank Top station, The station was then renamed London Road station in 1847, London Road station. It was then renamed yet again to Manchester Piccadilly when it reopened after reconstruction on 12 September 1960.

Handyside plaque on the viaduct carrying the railway lines into Manchester over Chapelfield Road.

Chapelfield Road Under the viaduct leading to Piccadilly Station

Google Streetview:
The Google streetview car has captured this location well and you can clearly see the Andrew Handyside plaque on the ironwork. See it HERE.
Also the plaque on Union Street viaduct too HERE.

Map Location:
View my Andrew Handyside World Map to see the exact location of this bridge on the world map.
My world map is the result of hundreds of hours of research into the company, plotting out each item as I find it.

Can you help find more Handyside stuff ?
If anyone out there knows of any other bridges around the world bearing the Handyside badge that I have not mentioned yet then please get in touch with details, location,photographs etc.


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