Tuesday 27 January 2015

Railway Station Roof at La Plata Station in Buenos Aires, South America built by Andrew Handyside in 1906.

The roof of La Plata Railway Station (Estación del Ferrocarril Roca) in Buenos Aires, South America was built at the Britannia Iron Works in Derby in 1906.

The roof has a span of 117 foot and its 500 foot long and weighs 870 tons.

There are some great photographs by Carlos Amato showing the iron work :

Here is an advert from The Engineering Journal in 1909 featuring this roof :

You can see this Railway Station in these Google Street View :

Estación del Ferrocarril Roca..

Video of La Plata Railway Station, Buenos Aires.
I even managed to find this video of the railway station in which you can see the Handyside Iron work. You can see this from about 0:34 in :

Hope you enjoyed this new find of Andrew Handyside's work.


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