Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Fountain in Rochdale Memorial Gardens made by Andrew Handyside. Now restored !

This restored fountain is located at the North end of Rochdale Memorial Gardens.

I was told about this restoration back in 2011 by Bob Bevan a Rochdale Township Greenspace Ranger. I supplied them information to try and help with the restoration and I'm happy to say this fountain is now up and running again.
I made a special trip from Derby to see this fountain and meet up with Bob, he gave me an amazing tour of the local sites and heritage which was very interesting.

In my video you will see just below the large bowl of the fountain are busts of Peel, Nelson, Watt, Wellington, Stephenson, Scott, Shakespeare and Milton.

This particular design of fountain is listed as Design Number 27 on Page 70 of the 1879 publication "An Illustrated book of Designs for Fountains and Vases, costing from £1 to £1200 manufactured by Andrew Handyside".

My video of the restored fountain in Rochdale Memorial Gardens.

I have also created three 360 degree VR photographs of this fountain so you can have a look around the Memorial Gardens:




Here is a photograph taken in 2008 when the fountain was dry and waiting restoration :

Rochdale Memorial Gardens


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